The History of Jeans

The inventors of Jeans were Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. Jeans were first made for work clothes and the ability to handle tough jobs. They only much later turned into Fashion Items.

Jeans are named after the city of Genoa in Italy where they called it either a Jean or Jeane and it was manufactured there only. Levi Strauss relocated from Germany to New York in 1952 to join his brother who had a dry goods store.

In 1853 Levi Strauss then went to San Francisco to establish the Western Branch of the family dry goods business. During this time he also sold his denim cloth which was purchased by Jacob W. Davis who was a tailor from Reno Nevada. He then had a client who ordered a pair of his sturdy denims that could withstand hard work. Following this Davis wanted to patent this and joined hands with Levis Strauss to do so.

Jeans have been in our culture for the last 140 years more than we think. They were first working clothes then symbols of Disobedience only to then become fashion items.

Jeans are made of a material called Denim. Weavers of Nikes in France tried to reproduce the cotton corduroy that was famously made in the city of Genoa, in Italy, but with no luck and trial and error they created the fabric known to us as denim.

Indigo dye is a colour used for colouring the denim. It is an organic dye a distinctive blue colour. It was manufactured and first used in INDA.From India Indigo is imported to Egypt, Britain, Peru, Iran and Africa who also used indigo for dying.Indigo in India was made from plant Indigofera Tinctoria. It was used on Cotton as it was the easiest method of colouring. The only problem was that the colour didn’t last so long. Organic Indigo was used until the discovery of Synthetic Indigo in the lat 19th century. It became cheaper and variant colours were also developed for denim.

Today Denim is one of the top Fashion items in your closet. Today with over 1000 different brands and manufactures there is a wide variety of Denim that is now available. Following the denim pants denims were used to make Overalls and following more fashion items like jackets and dresses for women. Today we would be lost with out our denims and if you are able to find the most comfortable denims you have hit a your mark. Wearing denims for Business is also acceptable now. Enjoy your denims and be sure to create a fabulous look in them. #LoveMyDenims

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