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    The shimmering world of fashion went back to basics with denim dominating the looks from smart to casual for summer 2015. The common men’s fabric has been exceptionally hot this season whether dyed, ripped, raw, stonewashed or printed, it can be found in almost all of the latest ready-to-wear collections.

    Aside from traditional jeans, designers have concocted pantsuits, skirts, dresses, culottes, pants, shorts, trench coats, shirts and jackets from the famous fabric. Some brands chose to combine denim with high-end materials like lace and denim for an elegant result while others chose a more casual patchwork approach.

    It seems jeans are the new trousers replacing chinos, linen leg wear and sports luxe sweatpants and other bottom counterparts. Formal suit trousers have lost the league to slim jeans in indigo, black and blue teamed with shirts and jackets.

    Hiz and Herz Jeans will be coming up with a range of denim jeans each with a different style, cut and wash to enhance the overall appearance. We are manufacturing denim jeans in classic blue, black and grey as they are the forever “in” hues.

    Wait to beat your summer blues with HIZ and HERZ Jeans.

    Get ready for a fashion revolution coming your way this summer with Hiz & Herz Jeans – A blend of style and trend with a social touch. The first few lines sum up our brand philosophy that is to unite the youth and create awareness on the issue of gender equality and to educate the youth to work together. Our brand logo with the gender symbols, talk about the idea of men & women coming together for a better future. The use of bold brand colours depicts how strongly we believe in the cause. Hiz & Herz Jeans will be primarily catering to the peculiar taste of the Gen Y fashion with its denim Jeans and colourful T- shirts with bold prints. For the launch, we will be selling printed cotton T-shirts for males and females in different designs and prints. Hiz & Herz is a fashion with a cause and hence our clothing will strongly voice our ideology with its perky but meaningful messages on the Tees in vivid colours. For the Jeans, we are offering Skinny Fit Jeans and Tapered Fit Jeans for men and women since they are the most “in” and preferred fits. Also, our color palette will stick to the basic Blues, Blacks and Greys. We have looked at all costs to try to keep our clothing line affordable without compromising on fit, style and quality. Watch out for the denim fashion getting a sassy makeover with Hiz & Herz Jeans as we have designed jeans with different washes and styles with one unique style being overlap back pockets to enhance the entire look. And what’s more, is that each of our Jeans and Tees have their unique names. Exciting, isn’t it !! ( We knew it ). So empty your closet of the fashion that’s so passé and make way for Johnny, Billy, Stella and everyone else from Hiz & Herz Jeans. There’s a lot more coming to you this summer with Hiz&Herz. Hiz & Herz will launch as an online store and will sell to INDIA to begin with and will continue to add countries and products as we grow. P.S. Wait some more to find out who is Johnny, Billy, Stella & everyone else OR Subscribe to our newsletters and get all the privy stuff about Hiz & Herz straight to your inbox. About the Visionary Hiz & Herz Jeans is a brain child of Reena NeGandhi, a Canadian national with Indian roots from an extensive fashion background. She grew up in organized retail in Canada and worked for many top international brands including her biggest success being with Aldo Shoes and Guess Jeans. Today is very exciting as her dreams are about to become a reality and with the help of her strong teams she will be launching her fashion label with a cause, HIZ & HERZ this summer.