Dear Parents Many kids nowadays suffering from anxiety & depression go to attempt the school/college exam. Isn’t that an exam itself? I mean, having no energy, yet attempting it only to please you. Please teach your kids that it’s okay to fail in exams because if they fail in exams, it will only be a […]

Beat the Blues

The shimmering world of fashion went back to basics with denim dominating the looks from smart to casual for summer 2015. The common men’s fabric has been exceptionally hot this season whether dyed, ripped, raw, stonewashed or printed, it can be found in almost all of the latest ready-to-wear collections. Aside from traditional jeans, designers […]

The Ice Breaker

The sound of ‘ICE’ itself induces a sense of relief considering the scorching summer announcing its arrival across the country. Though the season may be charged guilty of causing discomfort while we battle the ball of fire throughout the day, one cannot overlook the fact that summer brings out the best of your wardrobe with […]