Dear Parents

Many kids nowadays suffering from anxiety & depression go to attempt the school/college exam. Isn’t that an exam itself? I mean, having no energy, yet attempting it only to please you.

Please teach your kids that it’s okay to fail in exams because if they fail in exams, it will only be a piece of paper.

School & College Exams teach you “What to think”But life teaches you “How to think”Teach your kids good values, logical reasoning, etc. Don’t let them down. Because once you scold them for failing a petty exam, they will live all their life believing that they are a failure and are good for nothing.

You know it’s not true. We all are good for something. There is nobody in this world who is good for everything, and nobody who is good for nothing. And please, don’t compare them to other children. They all have their skills and knowledge, but you forcing them to show it off will just let them down. And imagine that the child that you’ve been nurturing since childhood suddenly stops talking to you one day, for good.

Nobody wants that to happen! So please, listen to what they have to say. And please, don’t force them to choose a stream between Engineering and Medical. This world is vast, and so are the occupations. If we didn’t have carpenters, I wouldn’t be sitting on the bed that I am on right now and typing this message. If we didn’t have architects and builders and labours, I wouldn’t be living in my house right now. If we didn’t have artists, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the music that I listen to everyday, or watch the movies that I want to (e.g. Avengers Endgame). If we didn’t have chefs, we wouldn’t be able to eat the amazing food in the restaurants.

Spend time with your kids, talk to them, try to understand them, give them more time (they need it, a lot). Teach them to live to express themselves, not to impress others. Teach them to help others, teach your boys to cook and girls to fight. Break the gender barriers.Life is much more than Engineering, Medical, and Grades.Don’t snatch your kid’s life, teach them to live it to the fullest.


Sincerely yours
The Unheard Voice (Ankit Arora)