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    About the VISIONARY and her VISION


    Reena NeGandhi moved to Mumbai from Toronto almost 5 years ago. She knew no one there, had no idea of the way of life in INDIA, and had no contacts there. She was Inspired by the film Dhobi Ghat and decided to move to INDIA. No one could believe it but her mom was her number one supporter and encouraged her to go! She packed up 40 boxes of clothes, shoes and handbags and shipped them over by sea. She moved to India with a 6 months tourist visa knowing that she would fight her way to get her PIO or OCI so she could stay forever. She didn’t know very much about INDIA, had never even watched a bollywood film, and knew nothing of the industry. She simply had a strong connection with her last name NeGandhi, especially after watching the movie Gandhi. At age 5 she used to say that she was the New Gandhi, the female version, and that she always wanted to do something great for INDIA one day.

    Reena had experienced so much, learned more than money could buy, and was on this journey. She met Salman Khan eight days after landing in India. She also met Aamir Khan a year after she moved to India. Aamir Khan recognised her saying “Hey, you’re the girl who was moving here from Toronto” . She met Dipika Padukone, Yuvraj Singh, John Abraham,Bipasha Basu, Shah Rukh Khan and so many other star. Sometimes she felt as if she missed the boat and should have also been one of these Bollywood stars but, she chose business over modelling and acting due to her mother’s strong Indian Values.

    In Canada She worked in Organized retail for over 20 years and worked with top brands like Aldo Shoes and Guess Jeans where she had her biggest successes. She worked in Sales and Operations and held corporate positions in both companies. She  always had a passion for fashion and in Toronto they know her very well for this as her nicknames were Retail Reena, Fashionista, The Dancing Diva & NeGandhi.

    She had always dreamt of having her own Jeans brand and now is happy to have finally launched the online store on Aug. 2, 2015. She has been working hard on her jeans collection. It took her months to get the perfect cuts and fit, and choose the best fabrics for the collection. She has always had a passion for jeans and felt that it is a basic need to every wardrobe. Comfort, style and fit were our key goals. All her hard work has finally come to life. It makes her happy when she see HIZ & HERZ ads and people talking about the brand. Her mission is to educate the youth on Gender Equality and to use her fashion as a stage to gather like minded people to promote this message. Reena is just a girl from Canada who came to INDIA and has found a way to make her dreams a reality. She is looking forward to this exciting journey. We hope you can all be a part of this worthy social cause, and be our cheerleaders in supporting Equality in this wonderful ancient land we live in.

    We want HIZ & HERZ to grow to be an internationally recognised brand that promotes gender equality everywhere! Today we start with INDIA, and it’s only with everyones support here that we can grow elsewhere. We have done everything possible to keep our quality high and our prices low for our customer. We look forward to everyones reviews and photos in HIZ & HERZ clothing. Take a plunge and order our Jeans and T-shirts. We promise you will love our International Design, quality, fit and comfort!


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