Grey Jeans are one of the biggest trends in the fashion world at the moment.   Regardless of them being a trend, they are also a staple and a must have in your closet.  Blue jeans are always a standard when it comes to Denim however for those who want to make a fashion statement with their denim now have the option of what I call the sexy grey.  These jeans can be worn both dressy, business or casual its all in the way you put them together.

Dressy Look in Grey Jeans

If you want to achieve a dressy look with your grey jeans pair them up with a dressy top or if you have skinny grey jeans you can even wear a short sexy dress over them.  The accessories you choose are also key and things like a great pair of earrings, necklace and handbag which will all add to your dressy look.  Accessories for men include a belt, wrist cuff and a mens bag for those who like to wear them.  Shoes are also key, ladies you want to put on a pair of sexy heels and men surely get those leather sole dress shoes to complete this look.

Business Look In Grey Jeans

Inorder to achieve the best business look in your grey jeans the key is a well fitted blazer to pair up with your jeans.  Accessories you choose for this look should be more subtle as you are not going into a meeting to stand out with your bling but rather going in with a professional look in order to achieve your goal.  Rips should not be on your grey jeans for a business look.  These grey jeans should be well cut and smooth finish.  In our HIZ and HERZ jean collection for men this would be the Hunter Jeans and for the ladies you can go with either Judy or Julia which are also extremely comfortable for your long business days.

Casual Look in Grey Jeans

Going casual in Grey Jeans is so much fun.  The possibilities are endless.  Pair these jeans up with your high top runners, casual boots, t-shirts and scarves just think cotton for your top.  Casual and Comfort go hand in hand and some may like to keep it simple with a t-shirt paired with the jeans along with casual shoes.  Others may want to take the funky approach and add additional accessories and make a true fashion statement.  In our HIZ and HERZ jeans collection for men our ripped Henry Jeans will help you rock this look.  Ladies again go with Judy or Julia for all three of these looks.

Wear your grey jeans in Style and with the most confidence.  Grey is the new blue in denim and we wanted to make sure that we let you know about it.  Get yourself a pair of Grey Jeans and try out our looks.  We would love for your to send us your pics also so we can share them on our social media and help you become famous with your unique look.  Send us your picture in Grey Jeans along with your name a little about you and your explanation about the look you put together.  We would be happy to share it and support you with your message.  You can send us a message on our FB page @HIZandHERZjeans or send us a message right here from our contact us tab.  #GreyJeans #GreyTheNewBlueInDenim #HIZandHERZjeans